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Colorado School Shooting Suspects Appear in Court to Face Murder, Other Charges

Colorado School Shooting Suspects Appear in Court to Face Murder, Other Charges

Many of those who spoke Wednesday during the ceremony were on the STEM School Highlands Ranch robotics team, of which Castillo was a member. An armed security guard responded to last week's shooting.

Citing electronic court documents, local media had already reported the number of charges at 48, with 30 of them being arrest charges and the rest main charges, including attempted first-degree murder, arson and theft.

"Kendrick you will be missed but you will never be forgotten", said Joseph Nguyen, a member of the group. His face was visible, and he looked forward toward the judge while attorneys discussed the case.

Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, are accused of opening fire on fellow students in two classrooms at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (Stem) charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, on May 7.

McKinney was charged as an adult, prosecutors said. Douglas County District Court Judge Theresa Slade said she would consider whether to send McKinney back to juvenile court at a future hearing.

Prosecutors are expected to file charges Wednesday morning against the students accused of the attack at the STEM School Highlands Ranch on May 7 that killed Castillo and wounded eight other classmates.

The filing of charges for both suspects was originally planned for May 10, but was pushed to Wednesday. A law enforcement official told The Associated Press last week that the guard, a former Marine who has not been named, fired his weapon during the shooting.

He wore a jail uniform and was kept shackled at his wrists and ankles after the judge denied a request to remove them.

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Douglas County Sheriff's Department also arrested Quintana in 2008 for kidnapping, menacing with a weapon, evading police in a vehicle and driving without a valid license, Daily Mail reported.

He's being called a "hero" for attempting to take down the gunman.

Brendan Bialy, who also tried to lunge at one of the shooters, told NBC Nightly News that Kendrick heroically sprung into action that day: "He charged the shooter and was immediately on top of him; complete disregard for his own safety. Adrenaline and tunnel vision are a insane thing", said Jones, who described himself as just a normal teenage kid.

The shooting happened just after 2 the school, which teaches kindergarten through 12th grade and has more than 1,800 students.

He said he is "still in a bit of a funk" emotionally.

Lorie Jones makes a point while her son, Joshua, who was wounded while trying to stop a gunman involved in the attack on the STEM School Highlands Ranch last week, and her husband, David, look on during a news conference. They're going to get an ambulance and I'm going to go to the hospital.

The shooting happened almost three weeks after the neighbouring town of Littleton marked the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School attack that killed 13 people. The two schools are separated by about 7 miles (11 kilometers) south of Denver.