Threat of Euro ban clouds over City's Wembley date

Threat of Euro ban clouds over City's Wembley date

Europe's governing football body has leaked information regarding an investigation into Manchester City's financial matters, with a potential breach in financial fair play being the major reason.

And among those to make the final ruling is Parry.

Earlier, City's representatives had said that they saw the investigation "as an opportunity to bring to an end the speculation resulting from the illegal hacking and out-of-context publication of City emails".

"We'll see. Day-by-day we're assessing him and trying to help him to recover as soon as possible".

Liverpool FC were Manchester City's closest Premier League title challengers this season and they were top of the table for large portions of the campaign.

Yet while European success continues to elude them, City are developing a vice-like grip over the English game and that should be a concern for Premier League chiefs.

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Liverpool are also looking for their first trophy since winning the EFL Cup in 2012. This year the team will have the experience of having been there before, they just need to be in excellent shape to come out firing and pressing like they usually do in the swing of the season. We know who couldn't hack it.

Midfielder Wijnaldum told that the club wanted silverware to show for a stunning season in which they finished with 97 points - the third-highest total in Premier League history. A season-long ban against Manchester City would be significant; it would be among the severest penalties to be awarded by Uefa since it introduced FFP rules in 2011 to prevent excessive spending on players.

Everyone expects the Liverpool players to focus on the final game of the season but it looks like the backroom staff is already making plans for the summer transfer window.

Manchester City has released two statements in response to the announcement of the Uefa investigation.

Fining a football club that has unlimited funds is pointless, but threatening them with points deductions would certainly focus their mind and maybe the only way to encourage them to change their ways.