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US orders suspension of flights between the USA and Venezuela

US orders suspension of flights between the USA and Venezuela

In addition to USA airlines, a small group of Venezuelan carriers that offer service to Miami will be affected.

Washington has suspended all US-based cargo and passenger air services between the U.S. and Venezuela, citing "safety and security" conditions in the Latin American country amid attempts to oust the government in Caracas.

Earlier this year, the State Department ordered all nonessential staff at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela to leave the country, a day after President Nicolas Maduro said he was giving diplomats 72 hours to leave. Some other global airlines quit flying to Venezuela years ago because of the country's deteriorating economy.

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Most U.S. -based airlines already stopped flying to Venezuela because of security concerns in and around its airports. But domestic airlines, including Laser Airlines and Avior Airlines, had been offering services to Miami. Repeated attempts by Guaido to seize power have failed, however, and his latest bid involves inviting the US Southern Command to invade Venezuela.

The National Assembly has come under increasing pressure from Maduro since the opposition appealed in vain for a military uprising on April 30. The measure reflected the increasingly sour relationship between the Venezuelan government and the US, which is leading a campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

On Tuesday, police sealed off the National Assembly, purportedly to search for any hidden explosives. National Assembly president Juan Guaido declared himself the country's leader some months ago and is recognized as the interim president by at least 50 nations, including the U.S.