Audi recalls 1st electric SUV in US on battery fire risk

Audi recalls 1st electric SUV in US on battery fire risk

The voluntary recall involves a relatively small batch, affecting 1,644 units of the e-tron that have been declared sold so far.

"We are applying an abundance of caution as no such incidents have been reported globally", the company said in a statement.

According to Audi there have been five instances globally where a battery fault light turned on because of the moisture issue and it began contacting e-tron owners in the US last week, saying it should have a fix available by August. If this happens, owners are advised to turn off the auto and park it in an open space so Audi can retrieve the vehicle and take it to the dealership. The battery itself isn't the problem.

Audi and Jaguar are recalling their electrical SUVs as a result of probably safety points.

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The actual problem lies on a faulty seal on the wiring harness placed between the battery pack and charge connector.

While credit must be given to Audi and Jaguar for recalling the e-tron and the I-PACE even before any untoward incidents happened, it should also be noted that Tesla had exhibited the same proactive reaction in the past.

As moisture enters where the battery compartment, it may be possible for a short circuit to occur and, unfortunately, it can cause a fire. Audi has already resolved the issue and is producing new cars with no known fire hazards.

"Should a yellow battery warning light appear, appropriate actions should be taken to stop and park the vehicle in the open, do not charge and contact roadside assistance to make arrangements to have the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection/service without delay", the brand said. Do not, under any circumstance, try to charge your electric auto while it reports an issue with its battery. Some 7,000 E-Tron cars might be affected worldwide, including 2,300 in Germany. Clearly, Audi doesn't want any bad press from potential electric vehicle fires.