Huawei scraps new laptop launch due to U.S. ban

Huawei scraps new laptop launch due to U.S. ban

Huawei has indefinitely postponed the imminent launch of a new Windows laptop, consumer division CEO Richard Yu has confirmed to CNBC.

With all of Huawei's previous MateBook products having been released based on Intel chips, it can be assumed that Huawei was unable to obtain the necessary parts for the new MateBook model despite reports that the company has stockpiled enough product to last it a minimum of three months.

"We can not supply the PC", Yu said, adding that the situation is "unfortunate". Huawei now says it is scrapping the launch of a new version of its MateBook laptop, and it cites recent sanctions by the US government as the reason.

It has been reported that Huawei has already stopped the production and development of its laptop computers.

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However, Huawei has not chose to cancel its scheduled smartphone releases, the news outlet said, citing Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei's statements at media interviews. ". The new laptop will be equipped with the Windows operating system, the source said, in contrast to rumours about Microsoft halting cooperation with Huawei".

This product, likely a new member of Huawei's acclaimed MateBook line, is the first the company has been forced to cancel as a result of the U.S. sanctions imposed last month. "He acknowledged that, if Huawei is on the blacklist for a long time, the laptop will not be able to be launched".

The Global Times-which is part of China's state-run media-published a story disputing some of the reporting about the laptop launch. BIS is also adding non-U.S. affiliates of Huawei to the Entity List because those affiliates pose a significant risk of involvement in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

Huawei, the world's second-largest phone maker, already has trouble selling its smartphones in the U.S. Plans to line up partnerships with U.S. wireless carriers a year ago never panned out, reportedly because of U.S. government pressure, which cuts off Huawei from the primary way U.S. consumers shop for phones. The company has decided not to launch its laptops because of US Ban. The laptop will use an ARM processor instead of Intel, the report said.