IPhone users can now use Android tech to unlock their devices

IPhone users can now use Android tech to unlock their devices

Google has rolled out a new update that allows you to use your Android smartphone as a 2-step verification security key for iOS devices.

The technology works basically the same, as Google explained in April, at the Cloud Next 2019 conference.

Apple users, more specifically - iPhone and iPad users - can now use their Android security key to verify logging into different services, Google confirmed in a recent blog post.

Turn on Bluetooth on your Android and iOS devices.

Google has announced that it's now possible to log into your Google accounts from your iPhones and iPads using your Android phone as a hardware authentication key.

Because there's no actual Chrome browser on iOS (Chrome for iOS is actually running on WebKit - aka a customized Safari), for iOS devices, the Chrome browser will be replaced by Google's Smart Lock app, which users will have to install on their iOS devices.

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While any type of two-step verification (or 2SV) such as SMS or push notifications makes it that much harder for attackers to hack into one's account, using the physical Android security keys which follow FIDO standards means that suspicious sign-in attempts are thwarted from the start.

Sign in to your Google account using the Google Smart Lock app on your iPhone or iPad. Otherwise put, you can initiate the login process from an iOS device and prevent hacking attempts by authorizing the sign-in action on an Android phone.

You'll be prompted to verify the sign in on your Android device.

Users can activate their Android's device inbuilt security key by following these steps and immediately use it to verify logins on their iPhone or iPad device with this procedure.

Also, iPad owners with Android phones aren't that unusual.