Labour narrowly fail in bid to redirect Brexit

Labour narrowly fail in bid to redirect Brexit

Led by the main opposition Labour Party, the cross-party motion was backed by other opposition parties, including the Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales, and the Greens.

Despite having launched his leadership campaign on a platform of wishing to avoid a full Brexit, but preparing for it anyway, The Times reports Boris Johnson reassured Eurosceptic group of Westminster Conservatives the European Research Group that he wouldn't take closing Parliament to ensure Brexit off the table.

"This is just the start, not the end of our efforts to block no deal".

The threat to the next Prime Minister - today whittled down to a list of seven Conservative front-runners who will be voted on again next week - comes as several would-be leaders said they are determined to see Brexit happen in October, and some have even not ruled out suspending Parliament to prevent remain-supporting MPs from torpedoing an exit.

The House of Commons voted 309-298 against setting aside a day later this month to try to pass legislation that would prevent a no-deal Brexit. Labour stands ready to use whatever mechanism it can to protect jobs, the economy and communities from the disastrous consequences of a no deal Brexit.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was overheard rebuking MPs, saying that they "won't be cheering in September" as they celebrated the defeat of the motion.

He also launched a scathing attack on British politicians saying that they had vastly underplayed the risks of leaving the European Union without a deal through misleading language.

Had the Labour-proposed motion been successful, the next leader could not take the country out of the EU without a renegotiated deal, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has repeated that this is not an option, saying that the 585-page exit treaty that had already been agreed was "not a treaty between Theresa May and Juncker, it is a treaty between the United Kingdom and the EU". But all Tory leadership candidates need to know that we will not give up on the fight to stop a no deal Brexit.

Snell said Labour "will have been responsible for a no-deal Brexit by default because of our inability to make a decision" - before abstaining on a motion to stop no-deal Brexit.

"It has to be respected by whoever is the next British prime minister", he continued. The leading contender is Boris Johnson.