PlayStation Network is DOWN

PlayStation Network is DOWN

In a day highlighted by technical problems, PlayStation Network, the online service allowing users to connect their console for online gaming and streaming, has reportedly crashed.

UK PS4 gamers are facing a frustrating evening as the PSN PlayStation Network appears to be down, or at the very least suffering from major issues.

PlayStation Network is down for many users around the world, leaving them unable to login or play games online.

'Ya'll better fix this fast, I'm already waiting 45 minutes and I'm not happy with it, ' one user responded to Sony's tweet about the server issues.

Affected Services: You may have some difficulty signing in or creating an account on PlayStationNetwork.

"Thank you for your patience as we investigate".

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There is no info how long it will take them to fix it, but as soon as we have something you'll be the first to know. There's no word on how long this may last or when servers will come back online.

People who are trying to log in to the popular game are hit with an error message that says: "Sorry, but we had to disable matchmaking". Error ws-37403-7 is popping up across the board for users worldwide. I've looked this up on the PlayStation website and it apparently doesn't exist?!?

A third said: "Me: 'A few days off work, I'mma fire up the PS4 tonight.' Sony: 'LOL WS-37403-7'".

Some people appear to have received an error telling them that they have no PS Plus membership, but this seems to be tied into the ongoing issues, so if you have seen this message despite knowing your PS Plus membership is all paid up then there is no need to worry.

Let's hope that PlayStation can get its act together pretty quickly.