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Twitter had a 'whale' of a time with Trump's typo

Twitter had a 'whale' of a time with Trump's typo

Was the President simply a victim of autocorrect?

Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos that even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation says to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation if a rival government seeks to aid your political campaign, he would be down to hear any and all information that'll help him stay in power. For those not familiar with the geography of the United Kingdom, Wales is a small country of three million people on England's western border.

Prince Charles, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, holds the title Prince of Wales, traditionally bestowed on the heir to the British throne.

President Trump's confession that he would accept political dirt on his opponents from foreign powers set off a firestorm of tweets from the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

"Hmm @POTUS mentions speaking with us but we never got the call!

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I just with the Queen of England (U.K.), the Prince of Whales, the P.M. of the United Kingdom". "We talked about 'Everything!'" he wrote. Should I immediately call the Federal Bureau of Investigation about these calls and meetings?

To be fair, he may have a point.

Trump, who is an enthusiastic user of social media and has some 61 million Twitter followers, quickly corrected the original tweet.

Apparently he was a little confused about what exactly Charles is prince of, tweeting that he met with "the Prince of Whales" while in the UK.

Perhaps if he's dealing with literal cetaceans, it won't become a problem for him anyway.