Watch Dogs Legion officially announced - Release date, trailer, gameplay

Watch Dogs Legion officially announced - Release date, trailer, gameplay

Playing as citizens of a post-Brexit London, this third title in the Watch Dogs franchise sees you building a resistance. According to developers, every person in the game is simulated with daily routines and voice acting, and all of them can be recruited by completing their origin story mission.

As previously reported, Watch Dogs Legion takes place in London, and the big pull with this latest entry is the fact you can recruit literally anyone to your cause.

Watch Dogs Legion won't be launching for a while - its release date is March 6th, 2020 - but Ubisoft has already worked out the four different editions it'll be offering at launch. The gameplay demo shows players in the shoes of everything from a middle-aged Londoner to an Elderly British woman. It's been taken over by a sinister authoritarian organisation called Albion. After he died, the gameplay switched to Helen, a grandma who is more capable than you might imagine.

You won't need an internet connection to dive into the seedy streets of London and raise a resistance force.

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Brilliant hackers, illegal street racers, rising football stars... you'll find them all throughout the city; all can be added to your ranks, and you can play as each and every one of them, fully voiced, and fully animated. "You can recruit and play as anyone".

Saying that Ubisoft made a lot of announcements at E3 this week would be an understatement.

This is also our first look at Watch Dog Legion's neon-lit London setting. At least, we were not supposed to see them, but a few leaked ahead of the conference. Even before that exact conference, we had the chance of not only speaking to two of the developers of the just-announced Watch Dogs Legion but also play the game at the Ubisoft pre-conference event in Los Angeles.