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Woman hospitalised after drinking too much bubble tea

Woman hospitalised after drinking too much bubble tea

This might burst your affinity for bubble tea.

She also told doctors she was experiencing stomach aches and had no appetite.

A teen's love for bubble tea drinks landed her in the hospital, but doctors were shocked to learn just how much she adored the popular beverage.

Doctor Zhang Louzhen, who treated the girl, said she would need to have ingested a significant amount of bubble tea for an extended period of time for her condition to be this severe.

A girl in China was rushed to the emergency room because she was constipated.

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Puzzled, doctors conducted a CT scan which showed up more than 100 spherical shadows dotted throughout her digestive tract. Tapioca's starchy nature is what likely led to the build-up in the girl's stomach, says Niket Sonpal, internist and gastroenterologist in New York City.

The sheepish teen told her doctors she had drunk pearl milk five days earlier, but specialists concluded that so many undigested pearls would have been "caused by drinking for a while".

The teen was prescribed a laxative to help with her issue, according to reports.

The pearls in the drink are made of a tapioca starch, "which is not easy to digest".