A New Minecraft Earth

A New Minecraft Earth

The game even gives you a chance to collaborate with crafters and make flawless works of art together. In case you missed it, Minecraft has just celebrated its 10th birthday. Upon that plot, players can build whatever they like with the building blocks gathered from the world around them while playing the game. The addition of Minecraft's building elements creates Minecraft Earth, a game that lets players build and explore their own AR creations.

These creations act just like ones in the real Minecraft game.

Fans patiently waiting for the Minecraft Earth are required to sign up on the Microsoft website to receive updates.

Mobile games are hot right now, with the release of the new Harry Potter mobile game and Dr. Mario World. Minecraft in augmented reality can be mind-blowing.

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With that being said, Minecraft Earth doesn't have an exact release date yet, but there is a closed beta planned for this summer.

"If you're really lucky, it could happen in the next two weeks!" Most importantly, if accepted, you must play at least once every seven days to maintain your place, due to the limited availabilty of spaces during the beta. If you are a lover of personalization, know that the skin of the character can be changed in a very similar way to what has already been seen in the original title.

Once you collect resources in the world you can then build using your camera on a flat surface, with different plates to choose from as you level up (which can be done by collecting Tappables). You'll need to be over the age of 18, have a device running iOS 10/Android 7 or newer, and a Microsoft or Xbox Live account to get registered. The game is coming to Android, as well, but beta testing for Google's platform will follow sometime after iOS.