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Amber Rudd U-turns on opposition to no-deal Brexit

Amber Rudd U-turns on opposition to no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson, who is now leading the race to become the next prime minister, has refused to rule out suspending Parliament, known as prorogation, and allowing a no-deal Brexit to take place by legal default on 31 October.

The final two in the race to be the UK's next prime minister have been addressing potential voters.

Mr Johnson, the current favourite to be Britain's next Prime Minister, has refused to rule out suspending, or proroguing, parliament to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on October 31, with or without a deal.

Meanwhile outgoing leader May admitted in her own interview Friday that she had underestimated the "entrenched positions" in Parliament over Brexit. "If we get a deal, it will be on or around 31st October but I can't control what Parliament does and that's why I'm being honest with people", he said. "I for one would be prepared to go and seek judicial review".

In a swipe at his Mr Johnson, Mr Hunt said he would deliver Brexit "more quickly than the alternative".

"It is because Parliament may try and take a no deal Brexit off the table altogether".

And she called for a more discipline in government after years of leaks and political disagreements inside her cabinet: "Good government depends on collective responsibility".

He said parliament had not been suspended since King Charles I did so during the English Civil War.

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The glimmer of hope that Boris Johnson can now grasp is the fact that the likes of Amber Rudd; who until now has stated that no deal could not be countenance, she has suddenly now done a big U-turn, and her words were saying that it can be part of the armoury.

Britain's Conservative Party leadership candidate Boris Johnson during a visit to the port of Dover, southeast England, while on the campaign trail, Thursday July 11, 2019. "There are other things - I think I probably actually should have done the TV debates".

Among the other reasons why Mr Johnson believe he would be able to get a new deal out of Brussels if he became Prime Minister, Mr Johnson said: "First of all, politics has changed since 2016".

Mrs May said she was proud of "championing some causes that otherwise will be unfashionable", such as the fight against modern slavery and domestic violence and mental health support.

She's also brandishing her credentials because she's still not assured of that job remember, and there's still an very bad lot to play for, so she's really just trying to play up her credentials in terms of defending the Brexit deal that Barnier supposedly negotiated, and which has led to the downfall of our existing Prime Minister.

"They are based on the evidence that men and women up and down this country running businesses, working in businesses, have made it crystal clear to me what that means and I will always represent them", he said.

The question of suspending parliament was raised during a televised debate between Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, on Tuesday evening.