Bentley celebrates 100th birthday with this massive EXP 100 GT Concept

Bentley celebrates 100th birthday with this massive EXP 100 GT Concept

To celebrate its centenary this year, Bentley has revealed what it believes to be the future of grand touring, the EXP 100 GT, at a global event at its Crewe headquarters. The new concept also has the fastback and rear haunch of one of Bentley's most famous cars, the R-Type Continental coupé.

It's calld the EXP 100 GT, and it's quite imposing. It also features the Bentley Personal Assistant which would read your vital signs, remember all of your settings and optimise the experience.

Inside, Bentley has set a new benchmark for luxury interiors, with wood, leather, and glass materials seamlessly blended with light from the innovative glass roof, which is embedded with prisms that collect light and transfer it into the cabin using fiber optics, enhancing the wellbeing of occupants.

"Today, on our Centenary, we demonstrate our vision of the future of our Marque, with the Bentley EXP 100 GT - a modern and definitive Grand Tourer created to demonstrate that the future of luxury mobility is as inspirational and aspirational as the last 100 years", said Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark. The cabin has twin doors, each two metres wide that lift outwards and upwards. It can information throughout its route, suggest luxurious destinations nearby, and even adjust the seat automatically based on the passenger's position. The seats also work with other biometric sensors to track things like blood pressure and eye and head movements. "Enhance" draws input from the outside, "Cocoon" envelops driver and passenger in purified air and opaque glass, "Re-Live" replays highlights of past journeys, and "Customise" combines all four, but is interchangeable based on passenger input.

The EXP 100 GT takes interactivity well beyond what we know today: its systems will learn and eventually anticipate occupants' desires when factors such as light conditions, road surface or weather change.

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The EXP 100 GT represents the kinds of cars we want to make in the future. A 3D OLED screen assists the thin wraparound taillights in conveying information through light.

One of the main highlights is the illuminated matrix grille and the famous Flying B mascot, which lights up when you approach the auto. The exterior color, for instance, uses synthetic pigments from rice husk ash.

By 2035, Bentley says the auto will use batteries with five times today's energy density, reaching an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes. The body is made from lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, helping it hit 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 2.5 seconds and topping out at 186 miles per hour.

Under the extremely long hood of the EX 100 GT is - not much, but on each of the wheels is a big electric motor that has active torque vectoring, and a combined system output of 1,100 lb. -ft. of torque. Its secret weapon, a so-called Bentley Personal Assistant, controllable from screens front and rear, aims to improve not just occupants' comfort by recording all manner of their preferences and configuring the vehicle to suit.