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British police to investigate leak of ambassador's memos

British police to investigate leak of ambassador's memos

The newspaper reports that after Mr Johnson returned to the United Kingdom from the US, Sir Kim wrote that President Trump appeared to be abandoning the nuclear deal for "personality reasons" because the pact had been agreed by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: "It can not be conceivably right that newspapers or any other media organisation publishing such material should face prosecution".

The British ambassador is said to have highlighted splits amongst USA presidential advisors and that the White House did not have a "day-to-day" strategy of what to do following withdrawal from the deal.

Mr Basu issued an additional statement on Saturday afternoon asserting he had received ethical recommendation that led to the Met initiating an investigation into the paperwork as a capability breach of the Legitimate Secrets Act (OSA).

The LBC presenter hit back at Scotland Yard's warning to newspapers not to publish anymore of the leak after launching a criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has suggested that he was too quick to denounce Sir Kim following the leak of his diplomatic dispatches in which he described the White House administration as "inept" and "dysfunctional".

"(There is a) clear public interest in bringing the person or people responsible to justice", Neil Basu, the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, was quoted by CNN as saying.

The emails induced a angry response from United States president Donald Trump, who branded Sir Kim "an extraordinarily boring man" and mentioned he would no longer cope with him.

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The government had already opened an internal inquiry into the publication of the memos leaked to the Mail newspaper on July 7. Darroch resigned on Wednesday.

However, he was widely criticized by editors and politicians including the foreign minister Jeremy Hunt and ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson, the two men battling to replace Theresa May as prime minister when she steps down in just over a week's time.

'Also, to anyone who knows or suspects those responsible, or who has any information, please come forward.

"And, even when you pressed, none had anything much to say about the day after, or a Plan B, beyond reimposition of USA sanctions".

But in his response, Maajid said leaking military secrets, like the enigma machine, is not the same as publishing the criticisms of foreign governments from British ambassadors.

Basu said journalists and publishers could be in breach of the law if they published further details from the memos.

After earlier calling Darroch a "very stupid guy", Trump said Friday that he wished Britain's soon-to-be-ex envoy well.

"What could be more in the public interest than a better understanding of how this position was reached, which may have serious consequences for world peace?"