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Donald Trump: Rock Star Welcome for Ilhan Omar 'Staged' in Minnesota

Donald Trump: Rock Star Welcome for Ilhan Omar 'Staged' in Minnesota

This week, the Somali-American has been targeted by Trump who has questioned her patriotism.

"We ought to tone the rhetoric down across the country using - throwing around words like racism, you know, kind of routinely applying it to nearly everything", he told Fox Business Network.

The chairman of the House Republican campaign organization says "there's no place" for the "send her back" chants unleashed at a campaign rally for President Donald Trump.

Trump's comments came after Democrats widely condemned him for sparking the incident with his racist rhetoric, while even some Republicans, who have stayed largely silent over the president's comments against members of the so-called "Squad" last weekend, expressed concern, including his daughter Ivanka Trump.

While the president did nothing at the event to halt the chant or reprove those involved, he claimed the next day that he did not approve of what had been said by his supporters. Trump said he has no regrets about his ongoing spat with the four congresswomen. "They should embrace our country". "I know there are a lot of people that are trying to distract us now, but I want you all to know that we are not going to let them", Omar told the crowd.

The president, in the tweets, was referring to Omar - who was born in Somalia before coming to the US and becoming a citizen - along with Reps.

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When Trump specifically went after Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who emigrated years ago from Somalia, some in the crowd chanted, "Send her back!". Lindsey Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill it is "good" that Trump disavowed the chant, saying he also disagrees with it. "It has nothing to do with your race, your gender or your family history". "I've seen statement that they made with such hatred toward our country".

Over the past week, Trump has had to answer for his July 14 tweets aimed at progressive Democratic Reps. Omar, Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley - should "go back" to their "broken and crime infested" countries.

The president's rhetoric on Wednesday echoed similar language he employed to rile up his base in 2016.

Trump denounced the chant at the North Carolina rally, but scolded Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of the so-called "Squad" of progressive Democrats; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden said: "These members of Congress - children of immigrants, just like so many of us - are an example of exactly what makes America great".

Pence says the truth is "jobs are back, confidence is back" and "America is back". The Democratic-led House voted to condemn his comments as racist. Just two months after being sworn in, Omar claimed the United States' support for Israel was fueled by AIPAC lobbyists.