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Epstein 'tried to persuade witnesses with payout'

Epstein 'tried to persuade witnesses with payout'

His attorneys suggested an array of other bail conditions, including having him pledge his home as collateral, ordering privately funded security at the residence and requiring a court-appointed, live-in trustee to monitor Epstein's compliance with the proposed bail package.

Epstein has pleaded not guilty and is due in court Monday for a bail hearing.

Epstein's lawyers did not respond to several messages seeking comment.

That agreement could be upended by the indictment unsealed in NY federal court this month that charges Epstein with conspiracy and sex trafficking, which could see the 66-year-old sentenced to up to 45 years in prison if convicted.

Epstein's NY indictment refers to unnamed employees who prosecutors say played a critical role in Epstein's alleged crimes in the early 2000s and received payments to arrange massages that led to sex acts, with girls who then sometimes would be paid to find others like themselves. They didn't determine the two individuals who purchased the cash.

"Neither of these payments appears to be habitual or repeating sooner or later of the approximately 5 years of bank records at the 2nd readily accessible to the authorities", they acknowledged. The wealthy financier was arrested last week, accused of sex trafficking. None of those people was mentioned in the NY indictment.

Prosecutors revealed the payments as part of their argument why Epstein should be kept in jail until his trial.

They cited his payments to imaginable witnesses and the risk that he would soar as causes to retain him in jail, while describing him as "unrepentant and unreformed".

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta said Friday he's stepping down amid the tumult over his handling of the 2008 deal with Epstein.

While Mr Trump praised him as a "great, great" Labour Secretary, Mr Acosta said it would be "selfish" for him to stay in the job.

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Acosta was the USA attorney in Miami when he oversaw a non-prosecution agreement for Epstein in 2008, which secretly ended a federal sex abuse investigation involving at least 40 teenage girls that could have landed him behind bars for life.

The deal came under scrutiny earlier this year following reporting by the Miami Herald.

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta said Friday he would resign in a surprise appearance with President Donald Trump.

Mr Acosta instructed reporters: "I manufacture no longer think it's a ways upright and extremely finest... to bask in Epstein as the point of hobby in residing of the unprecedented economy that we bask in this day".

However he added: "It may per chance per chance per chance per chance even be egocentric for me to defend in this quandary and continue talking about a case that is 12 years weak".

Trump said Friday that deputy Pat Pizzella will took over as acting labour secretary, one of a host of positions now vacant or with officials serving in an acting capacity.

Novel York-born Epstein labored as a teacher sooner than getting into into finance.

Before the prison instances in opposition to him, he became finest known for his wealth and high-profile connections.

Trump also further distanced himself from Epstein, a former associate who has a home in Palm Beach, where the president's Mar-a-Lago resort is located.