Firefighters tackle huge blaze at Warner Bros studios near Hemel Hempstead

Firefighters tackle huge blaze at Warner Bros studios near Hemel Hempstead

Warner Bros described the alleged attack as an "isolated workplace incident" in a statement issued at the time. Studios in Leavesden in Hertfordshire at 11.29pm on Wednesday 10 July.

At least 18 fire trucks were called out to fight the blaze, and firefighters spent 15 hours tackling it.

'The set was not being used at the time of the fire.

Mark Hancock, who lives nearby, said: 'My house is only about 200m away from the perimeter fence and we have a clear line of sight over gardens so we managed to see it out one of our windows.

The studio was converted from an aircraft factory by the producers of the "Golden Eye" Bond film in 1994.

The Leavesden-based studios have also been involved in the production of The Dark Knight, Inception, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Jason Bourne.

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Back in January, a man was rushed to hospital after allegedly being stabbed in the throat at the Warner Bros. complex in Leavesden, which is just outside London.

The behind-the-scenes, Making Of Harry Potter studio tour takes place adjacent to the site and was open as usual.

Guests today have been told tours are still going ahead and to turn up as normal.

A spokeswoman later said: "The fire at Warner Bros Studios is now out but several vehicles remain on site".

Smoke was seen billowing over the studios through the night and this morning, with a strong smell of smoke still in the air this morning.

Locals allegedly began smelling smoke late last night and have since watched it swirl up over the studios.