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IHC removes NAB judge Arshad Malik

IHC removes NAB judge Arshad Malik

"The decision against Nawaz Sharif should be dismissed and he should be released immediately", party spokeswoman Marriyum Aurangzeb said, adding that Sharif's conviction should be considered "void".

The allegations were made during a press conference where she aired a video that purported to show the judge admitting to legal fallacies in the case against her father and saying he was "blackmailed" into delivering the verdict.

The offer was shortly followed by a "thinly veiled threat of physical harm and intimidation" by Nasir Butt, the PML-N "sympathiser" who recorded the video shared by Maryam that started the controversy, the judge claimed.

In a video released last week by Sharif's daughter Maryam, Justice Malik was purportedly seen confessing in a chat with a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader that he was under enormous pressure from certain elements to convict the three-time premier in the graft case.

The judge said Nasir Janjua had claimed that he had about Rs100 million in euros as advance payment of which Rs20 million was in the vehicle he had arrived in.

The judge maintained another man named Khurram Hussain also contacted him, urging him to accept the offer.

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The IHC has the administrative control of the accountability courts in Islamabad.

The two references were shifted to the accountability court-II in Islamabad during August 2018 when their trials were still under way. He also called for an investigation into the video.

He said that later in 2019, he met with Khurram Yousaf and Nasir Butt, who told him about the existence of a video clip of him in a compromising position which was allegedly taken during the time he was working in Multan. I told him that I did not know what he was referring to.

"Nasir Janjua claimed that he had the cash of equivalent of Rs100 million in Euros for me immediately available out of which the Euro equivalent of Rs20 million was laying in his auto parked outside", he said, adding that he denied the bribe while remaining committed to giving the verdict on merit.

Malik later issued a statement denying he had been blackmailed to convict Sharif and saying the video had been manipulated. The judge is also hearing several National Accountability Bureau (NAB) references as well. Maryam claimed the judge had admitted before Butt that there was no proof of any wrongdoing against Sharif but he was forced to announce an unfair verdict.

He claimed that PML-N representatives Nasir Janjua and Mahar Jilani had offered him hefty bribes in exchange for a favourable verdict in the corruption references and had threatened him with dire consequences if he failed to comply.