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Mad scramble for cash after armoured vehicle spills $260000 on Atlanta highway

Mad scramble for cash after armoured vehicle spills $260000 on Atlanta highway

"We understand anyone in that position would be tempted, but we want people to do the right thing and bring the money back so they don't have to worry about police knocking on their door", Sgt. Robert Parsons of the Dunwoody Police Department told the Dunwoody Reporter. The crew was only able to gather a few hundred dollars at the time.

The back door of an armoured truck sprang open yesterday on a U.S. highway, causing an estimated NZ$260,000 worth of American cash to spill out.

Vehicle dashcam videos showed people stepping out of their cars to scoop up as many dollar bills as they could from the highway. It isn't clear how exactly how much money was lost during the incident, but the truck crews estimated that it was around $100,000.

Police shared the image of one do-gooder who was later identified as Randrell Lewis.

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Police urge motorists to return the money plucked from the roadside. "While we certainly understand the temptation, it's still theft and the money should be returned", says the post. Police are asking all who took advantage of the spill to return the cash. Police are checking social media video to find the drivers with sticky fingers. Past year in New Jersey, a man returned US$10,000 (NZ$15,000) in cash that he found in a bag lying on the street.

As the Georgia story gained traction, Parsons said the department began to receive a new set of complaints: Dozens of drivers had taken to the interstate, scouring the area for spare dollars that hadn't yet been collected while "causing huge traffic jams on the perimeter". "We're grateful no one was hit and there were no crashes", said Parsons.

Yes, there was money flying all over I-285!

"So, believe it or not, some people have been returning the money", cops said in another statement.