Man of Medan Gets Multiplayer Modes

Man of Medan Gets Multiplayer Modes

From the creators of Until Dawn, comes The Dark Pictures.

Jon got the chance to EXCLUSIVELY interview the development team of Dom Ireland, Andy Nuttall and Gareth Betts!

Published by Bandai Namco, the anthology will contain a series of standalone games beginning with Man of Medan on August 30, 2019.

Samuels continued by pointing out that not only the Curator's story, but the individual games have also been planned: "We want to surprise people each time - when we announce the second [game], we want it to be the last thing people expected, in terms of theme and subgenre and whatever".

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Within the Shared Story mode, you can group up with a buddy and play by way of the sport concurrently. In this mode, up to four other friends can join you in a world where your actions affect each other.

"What was common was that people would each adopt one character and they would make the decisions for that character, so Movie Night is a reflection of that - we are giving the players the tools to play that [.] every so often in the game we'll give out awards like who's the slowest at QTEs". You'll be replaying the whole story from different viewpoints and influencing the outcomes in different ways.

"Each player can enter their name and choose which character (or characters) to play, then simply pass the pad whenever that character is the focus of the game", explained Samuels. Any and all of the characters have the potential to die during the story based on what decisions you make. "Periodically, the game will present a summary of how each player has played". Samuels said that this mode lends to how streamers and their viewers interacted on Until Dawn, and wanted to make it a more interactive experience with a shared audience. That's two multiplayer modes, so you can experience the narrative-driven horror in whichever way you see fit. The game will let when it is time to cross the controller, and from time to time, it's going to supply an abstract of how each of you has played.

Man of Medan and the entire Dark Pictures Anthology will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.