Apple May Use iPhone Pro Branding For 2019 Models Launching In September

Apple May Use iPhone Pro Branding For 2019 Models Launching In September

Because of this, users miss out on interesting features such as Portrait Mode.

San Francisco: Apple could bring a multiple camera array on the back of its upcoming line-up of iPad Pros, reports suggest.

Apple's current iPad lineup includes the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and the 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro. The standard iPad (10.2-inch variant) is also being rumored to ship with a dual-cam module. The site says that the models could launch in October.

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Apple has done it before, with the iPad Pro, so basically there's nothing stopping it from naming the next iPhone 11 the iPhone Pro. Likely an iPhone Pro would have more RAM and possibly a faster processor than other models.

Even though Apple has updated its iPhones with dual-camera systems, the company has not added multiple camera options to its tablets as yet. The iPad is expected to arrive alongside the iPhone 11 series at Apple's hardware event next month, September 10. Which does mean that both the iPad and the iPad Pro are due for a refresh and we could see Apple announce them by fall. However, given that the iPad Pro line is aimed more at creative professionals than general consumers, the triple-camera setup would be a curious addition in case Apple is, indeed, planning to implement the feature. If this turns out to be true, then this will be a major upgrade for the iPad Pro as the current-generation iPad Pro only comes with a single rear camera setup that's a 12MP sensor. The new iPads may get released alongside the 16-inch MacBook Pro.