Disney ‘Certainly Talking’ About an Aladdin Sequel

Disney ‘Certainly Talking’ About an Aladdin Sequel

"People clearly loved the movie and watched it multiple times and we get lots of fan letters and people asking us to make 'Return [of] Jafar, ' and I can just tell you that we're in early stages right now, but we're certainly talking about another movie". Will Smith's Genie is entertaining as hell, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott nail their performances as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. At the end of the live-action film, Aladdin wished Genie free of his bonds and he went off to live a happy life as a human. "So we think there is more to tell from the story".

Now, producer Dan Lin has revealed a possible reinterpretation of Aladdin's original animated sequel, The Return of Jafar, could be on the cards.

Like numerous animated films released during the Disney Renaissance, there is already a straight-to-video continuation of Aladdin, which has two sequels. We're really looking at what's been done before in the past and the home video, and there's just more story to tell with the underlying materials.

What did you guys think of the new Aladdin and would you like to see more?

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"The audience response has really touched us in thinking about where we can go with these stories", Lin added, "and we feel like these characters have more adventures in store".

Guy already has The Gentleman starring Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding and Michelle Dockery set for release next year, but we reckon he should definitely start work on Aladdin 2 after that. One of the biggest omissions was that we didn't get to see Jafar turn into a big snake to face off against Aladdin. "I want it to be a surprise, what we want to do next". I rewatched the original 1992 film just three months ago, and I have to say that I loved the new live-action take to the point where - although it has its own flaws - I find it superior to the old film in several ways (which is shocking considering how bad it looked in the trailers).

Aladdin will be released on Digital on August 27th, followed by a DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD release on September 10.

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