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El Paso shooting suspect 'deliberately targeted Mexicans', police claim

El Paso shooting suspect 'deliberately targeted Mexicans', police claim

The lawyers, Chris Ayres and R. Jack Ayres, of Dallas, told CNN that Crusius's mother was anxious given her son's age, maturity level and lack of experience with such a weapon.

This CCTV image courtesy of KTSM 9 News Channel, shows the gunman identified as Patrick Crusius, 21, entering the Cielo Vista Walmart store in El Paso on August 3, 2019. She was told that her son was old enough but that a background check would determine whether he was qualified to make the purchase, Felty said.

As more information has come out about both the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, reports of potential "red flags" have emerged.

It is not known whether the gun the mother inquired about is the weapon used in the attack.

Lawyers for the El Paso defendant's family confirmed that Crusius's mother contacted police weeks before the shooting.

While calls made to the department's main line are not recorded, an internal security camera recorded one side of the conversation, police said.

"I feel that my heart is broken", said Guillermo Adame, a Mexican immigrant, through a translator.

Officials believe the alleged gunman, Patrick Crusius, is the author of an online post decrying Hispanic migrants.

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"This was not a volatile, explosive, erratic behaving kid", said Chris Ayres.

The massacre in the predominantly Hispanic city of El Paso is being investigated as a hate crime and act of domestic terrorism, authorities said. State broadcaster TBC, citing police figures, said at least 70 more people were injured during the explosion in the town of Morogoro, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) from the economic hub of Dar es Salaam. "It's not like alarm bells were going off".

Multiple generations of El Paso residents discuss the shooting at the Walmart.

The shooter told police that he drove more than 10 hours from his home in Allen, Texas, near Dallas, with an assault rifle and a large quantity of ammunition.

On Wednesday, Mr Trump visited El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, a city which saw its own mass shooting just hours on from the attack in El Paso.

Trump did not attend the meeting, and the White House declined to say which administration officials took part in the closed-door session.

The twin shootings have reignited calls for tighter laws on gun control with hundreds of protesters taking to the streets across the U.S. in a bid to pressurise the Donald Trump administration to take stringent steps to prevent such incidents.

The attacks have inflamed tensions over race and gun control in the US.