Olive Garden pasta pass: Here's how you can get pasta for life

Olive Garden pasta pass: Here's how you can get pasta for life

Olive Garden is offering a limited number of customers unlimited pasta for life for a fraction of the cost of a trip to Italy.

Let's dive right into the numbers: These truly never-ending, gold-colored passes will cost just $500 each - an incredible deal, really.

Olive Garden estimates the pass will have paid for itself by the time the holder eats their 45th bowl of pasta.

Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass sale will go on sale onlineThursday. Pasta Passes will only be available for 30 minutes, or until they are sold out, whichever comes first.

OG's Pasta Pass goes on sale Thursday, August 15, at 2 p.m. EST. This means if a victor were to purchase the $500 Lifetime Pasta Pass and consume a bowl of pasta per day for 60 years, each bowl would each cost less than three cents.

It's also offering its annual $100 "Never Ending Pasta Pass" that lets customers eat what they want for nine weeks, up from eight weeks previous year.

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The company will sell the passes starting at 2 p.m. August 15.

While the Lifetime pass assures unlimited pasta, sauces, toppings, breadsticks and soup or salad for as long as you're still breathing, the Never Ending pass is only valid for as long as Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion runs - from September 23 through November 24.

The $100 pass will give customers unlimited servings of pasta for nine weeks.

Want a piece of the action but not sure you can handle the intensity of either pass?

Pasta fanatics will have to act fast because the 2018 Annual Pasta Passes sold out in less than one second. Of those who opt in, 50 will receive a message inviting them to purchase the superior $400 pass. A $400 pass will give you a lifetime of unlimited servings.