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Russian Federation and the United States bicker at UN over 'new arms race'

Russian Federation and the United States bicker at UN over 'new arms race'

Vladimir Putin has ordered his Defence Ministry to analyse the threat posed by a new USA missile test and to prepare a 'symmetric response'.

In response, Polyanskiy's United States counterpart, Jonathan Cohen, said Russian Federation had decided more than a decade ago to violate its INF treaty obligations, and has deployed multiple battalions of ground-launched cruise missiles "with the ability to strike critical European targets".

Washington formally withdrew from the landmark 1987 pact with Russian Federation on August 2, after determining that Moscow was violating the treaty, an accusation the Kremlin has denied.

On Aug. 2, the US formally withdrew from the INF Treaty, following a months-long war of words between Moscow and Washington.

Putin lashed out against the test and issued a warning to the US that any potential plans of deploying American missiles in the Asia-Pacific region "affects our core interests as it is close to Russia's borders", according to a transcript of his remarks on the Kremlin's website.

He said he had also ordered an analysis of "the level of threat for our country created by the action of the United States".

"All this leaves no doubts that the real intention of the United States (in exiting the INF pact) was to ... untie its hands to deploy previously banned missiles in different regions of the world", said Putin.

He said Moscow was against placement of the launchers in Poland in Romania as part of a missile defence system, but the U.S. denied they could be used offensively to launch Tomahawks.

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Putin said that Sunday's test has proven that the US denials have been false.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper was asked in a Fox News Channel interview on Wednesday whether the test was aimed at sending a message to China, Russia or North Korea and indicated that the main concern was China.

According to the August 23 transcript, Putin said Russian Federation will not be drawn into a "costly" new arms race even though "it is now obvious to everyone" that the United States withdrew from the treaty "to cover up the work carried out by Washington in violation of it".

'We can not be the only country in the world unilaterally bound by this treaty, or any other, ' he added in a statement.

Defense officials had said last March that this missile would likely have a range of about 620 miles and that it might be ready for deployment within 18 months. Pacific Daylight Time, the Defense Department conducted a flight test of a conventionally configured ground-launched cruise missile at San Nicolas Island, Calif. He earlier promised not to deploy new missiles in world regions until the U.S. does the same.

The United States has said it has no imminent plans to deploy new land-based missiles in Europe.

Despite his order today, Putin said Russian Federation remained open to "still open to equal and constructive dialogue" with the United States aimed at restoring trust and strengthening worldwide security.