Samsung quietly deletes ad that trolls Apple

Samsung quietly deletes ad that trolls Apple

For the first time ever, the Galaxy Note comes in two sizes. You're looking at either a 6.3-inch display or a huge 6.8-inch display if bigger is more your speed.

However, a big phone is not everyone's cup of tea. The Note 10+ has an extra DepthVision Camera, which allows it to place virtual objects in Augmented Reality with higher accuracy, make full 3D scans of real-world objects, and possibly provide improved edge detection for Live Focus features.

A new Outlook app is coming to Galaxy wearables.

Samsung's Unpacked event wasn't only about smartphones. Through Dex, a Galaxy device can be plugged into a PC or a Mac, giving you access to all the applications of the phone on your laptop or Smart TV. I liked the Galaxy S10's asymmetrical hole-punch display as well, but the Note 10's screen is even better. But the cheapest Note 10, which ditches the microSD card, comes with a whopping 256GB of storage.

Tech analyst Anshel Sag, in a tweet, confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10 won't support the Gear VR. Unreal. It can also convert your handwriting to text if that's something you're into.

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Visually, you'll find the newest Notes to be more stunning than the 9. Apple justified its removal by emphasizing the space it would free up to make the phone thinner or add other components (the company also reportedly makes four bucks on every individual accessory that has its proprietary Lightning connector, so that's nice). If you fancy a stylus with your next smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the one to go for.

In a sense, it works similar to clicking on a particular object on the screen, while you're making a video to focus on it, but instead of just the goal, the phone will also focus on the sound coming from that object. Also, it's necessary to download the PC app to use this feature.

But the Galaxy Note 10 does not stop there - it's also trying to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a PC or desktop. In fact, if you're an Android user who wants a large screen, this is now the device to beat. With a compatible USB connection, files can be dragged and dropped between devices. You can use the apps on your phone with your laptop's keyboard and mouse.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Book S weighs just 2.11 pounds and it boasts a 42 WHr battery. Oh and don't forget those Samsung AKG wireless headphones on top. Both will also have 5G capabilities. Another £100 on the price of the Note 10+ will get you the 5G that manufacturers are desperately hoping will kick-start the moribund smartphone market. My colleague Mark Wilson remains agitated about the loss-or at least he was as of last November. Users were able to use it as a camera clicker or for managing presentations.

There's a lot to like about the Note 10, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a flawless phone. By holding a button down on the pen and flicking your wrist, you can easily change camera modes and sensors. I am sorry to break this news to you. And, as before, you can click once to snap a picture.