Apple slams Google for creating false iPhone hack scare

Apple slams Google for creating false iPhone hack scare

Apple claims Google scientists who documented vulnerabilities in Apple iphone application that probably gave hackers accessibility to the products are making a "wrong impression" and "stoking concern".

Apple strikes back at Google over security flaw report Apple has broken its silence on Google's recent bombshell report exposing security flaws that could be exploited to hack iPhones.

Apple confirmed a focused attack on content related to the Uyghur Muslim community in a Friday statement, adding that it was narrow in scale.

Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are said to come with a 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED displays respectively.

To bring you up to speed, Google had said that a small collection of hacked websites were used to install monitoring implants on iPhones. There's no mention of the country in Project Zero's research, and a spokesman on Friday wouldn't tell me if Google had known the Uighurs were being targeted.

The Silicon Valley giant said it fixed the vulnerabilities in question in February, ten days after learning about it: "When Google approached us, we were already in the process of fixing the exploited bugs". The report also claimed that security vulnerabilities ran throughout iOS version 10 and iOS version 12.

It has been pretty clear, from government-sponsored attacks, that iPhones are as vulnerable as any other smartphone, and that they may actually be more risky, due to giving users the impression that the handsets are safer than they actually are, and by making it more hard to detect infections, as malware-scanning software is impossible to install. Despite the competitors between Apple and Google, the Project Zero crew does no longer target Apple alone.

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Google's post, published on August 29, said it was able to identify five separate iPhone exploit chains that worked on nearly every operating-system version from iOS 10 to iOS 12, the current iPhone software.

Apple is also contradicting some of the details shared by Google, saying the attempted hack took place over a far shorter time period than claimed in the disclosure.

In a statement replying to Apple's statement, a Google spokesperson said, "We stand by our in-depth research which was written to focus on the technical aspects of these vulnerabilities".

Following the tradition that was created previous year, the company will be launching three new Apple iPhone models.

Google's Project Zero crew is targeted on discovering safety flaws in machine and hardware of all kinds and categories.

Google insists it didn't know Android was affected - but it's well aware how it looks.