Facebook considering hiding like counts

Facebook considering hiding like counts

As reported at TechCrunch, Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong discovered the feature in the Facebook Android app, and just like Instagram's tested feature, it hides the total number of likes.

The adapted feature could stop social media users from comparing themselves to others or feeling envious if posts don't get enough likes.

"Currently, with this unreleased feature, the like/reaction count is hidden from anyone other than the creator of the post, just like how it works on Instagram". One change being noticed is that if people are using both Instagram and Facebook, they choose the former to share their daily escapades in the form of videos and photos.

"We want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they're getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that they care about", Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, said during a conference in California, in April.

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The rethinking of strategy comes as online giants have been facing criticism that their platforms were sparking an unhealthy obsession among users for "likes" and fueling social anxiety. Youth anxious about posts not getting enough likes could fall victim to depression or anxiety.

Whenever someone likes a photo on Facebook, it shows how many people liked it with the photo. Nonetheless, let us know in the comments what you think about the direction that Facebook is moving towards? However, Wong also acknowledged that hiding the like count might cause some users to look elsewhere to get public approval of their posts, driving down activity on Facebook. However, the social network has not officially started testing as of yet.

The mental health and stress that can cause dependence on the number of likes, comparisons with other people and the little value that, in general, brings this number when assessing the content of a person are some of the reasons behind this decision.

Also, they are seen by some as an important gauge to measure the effectiveness of messages on the platform.