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Hurricane Dorian: cocaine washes ashore at FL beaches

Hurricane Dorian: cocaine washes ashore at FL beaches

A pregnant Florida nurse went into labor during her shift as Hurricane Dorian pounded parts of the coast with heavy rain and strong winds, according to new reports.

Later, the police found on the beach bag in which there were 15 such packets of cocaine. "Farewell you poor excuse of a Jeep, May you find peace and existence as another Jeep in the future", said a post on the That'll Bluff Out page.

Tests were run on one single brick found in Paradise Beach Park around 8 am on Tuesday morning.

Dorian isn't the only hurricane to have delivered weird and unexpected objects to the beaches of Florida.

The storm's waves churned up greater than a dozen bricks of cocaine on two of the Florida's seashores, in line with new stories.

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On the outside of the package the letters "D-I-A-M-A-N-T" can be seen written on the front in bold - believed to read "diamantes" in full, which is Spanish for diamonds. The officer stated the bundle used to be "wrapped in a way that is consistent with a kilo of illegal drugs", CBS associate KYTX-TV studies.

"The item was taken into custody", Mall said.

The brick was examined and made a decision to be a kilo of cocaine, which shall be destroyed, the spokeswoman advised the community. "We then contacted the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)". On the forecast track, the center of Dorian will move near or over the coast of North Carolina during the next several hours.

- A Florida couple welcomed in baby Tadashia "Dorian" Davis while Hurricane Dorian was approaching Florida's east coast on Monday. By Tuesday, forecasters said Dorian could damage the Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and SC coasts, even if didn't make landfall.