Kendriya Vidyalaya Students to Watch the Landing of Chandrayaan-2

Kendriya Vidyalaya Students to Watch the Landing of Chandrayaan-2

Vikram lander successfully separates from Chandrayaan 2 orbiter on September and completed the two de-orbit maneuver on September 4. The Vikram Lander had successfully separated from Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter on Monday afternoon and it is now on its way to land on the Moon.

With this operation the required orbit for the moon lander to commence it descent towards the surface of the Moon is achieved, ISRO said. Meanwhile, Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter continue to go around the Moon in an orbit of 96 km x 125 km. "Both the Orbiter and Lander are healthy", the ISRO said. Director of Chandrayaan-1, Mylswamy Annadurai spoke to mediapersons on the accomplishment and said, "Chandrayaan -1 has discovered water on the moon and considering that there is a big campaign going on internationally as we are back to the moon that is almost after 50 years". ISRO Chairman K Sivan has said the soft-landing on the Moon is going to be a "terrifying" moment, a reference to the complexities involved in the event.

A couple of hours after "Vikram's" touchdown, "Pragyan", the six-wheeled robotic rover, will roll out of the lander and probe the lunar soil for new chemicals, minerals, water, and study the phenomenon of seismic activity for one lunar day (14 days on terra firma).

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Recently, the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft performed second de-manoeuvre on Wednesday. "Let's all pray for the successful soft-landing", the official said.

Sixty high school students, winners of a national quiz, will join Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Mission Operations Complex (MOX) at ISTRAC (ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network) station in Bengaluru, to witness the descent and landing of "Vikram" on the lunar soil on September 7.

Online space quiz for the students of class 8 - 10 was conducted by ISRO in coordination with from August 10 to 25, 2019 to increase awareness about space programs. According to the ISRO, the objective of Chandrayaan-2 is to develop and demonstrate the key technologies for end-to-end lunar mission capability, including soft-landing and roving on the lunar surface.