OR vape death patient used THC device from dispensary

OR vape death patient used THC device from dispensary

Vitamin E is usually safe as a dietary supplement or cream, but vaping it could be harmful, according to state health Commissioner Howard Zucker.

E-cigarettes, which have been available in the US since about 2007 and have grown into a more than $6 billion-a-year industry, are battery-powered devices that typically heat a flavored nicotine solution into an inhalable aerosol.

The Department had previously issued a health alert to healthcare providers on August 23rd, asking them to report all suspected cases of serious pulmonary illness with unclear cause and a history of vaping to local or state public health officials.

Both state and federal health officials are investigating whether chemicals like vitamin E, or other counterfeit contaminants in marijuana vapor cartridges, are causing these illnesses.

The chemical is an oil derived from vitamin E. Investigators at the US Food and Drug Administration found the oil in cannabis products in samples collected from patients who fell ill across the country.

But, according to the Washington Post, the FDA shard new information from its investigation with a number of state health officials on the Thursday cal. Redfield and Sharpless make clear there is not one single product that links all of the cases, despite THC and cannabinoids being noted in many cases.

Vaping culture has spread quickly in Bahrain with vape shops mushrooming across the kingdom, ensuring easy access to all users.

The officials say numerous reports involve e-cigarette products that contain THC, the mind-altering substance in marijuana.

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Thomas declined to name the brand of the product or the dispensary where it was purchased, citing the ongoing investigation. Two people - one in IL and another in OR - have died.

"I urge everyone that now uses vaping devices to inhale THC or nicotine to stop immediately, and encourage others to not begin using these products..." The agency has issued three recalls in the past, he said.

"We do know that e-cigarettes do not emit a harmless aerosol", he said.

No official cause of the illnesses has been established.

Do not modify e-cigarette or vaping products or add any substances to them not intended by the manufacturer. "Less is known about vaping cannabis oil".

When it is "inhaled deep in the lung, [it] can cause problems", Zucker tells NPR.

Perhaps hinting at the suspected cause of the lung illnesses, which present similarly to pneumonia, have left several in medically induced comas and are implicated in at least two deaths, USA officials last week warned against bootleg e-liquids. But officials in Colorado and NY said they were unsure what happened to the acetate once it was vaporized or inhaled.