Stretch your hole in Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventures for Switch

Stretch your hole in Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventures for Switch

As shown in the first teaser, each one of the Switch's Joy-Cons goes into one of the new accessories. Attached to your left thigh is the Leg Strap, which measures things like running speed, squat movements and knee raises.

People use LOL an bad lot these days but do not mean it but I am now getting very odd looks across the office as I have laughed very, very loudly at the two rather scary people cheerfully chanting "Ring Fit Adventures" in this new video from Nintendo. Ring Fit Adventure relies on two accessories: a leg strap and a device called the Ring-Con.

Engage those abs to block attacks in Ring Fit Adventure. As you can see in the trailer, Ring Fit Adventure is controlled entirely by performing physical tasks, a return to the days of Wii Sports.

While you're moving through the level, monsters will sometimes block your progress and kick off Fit Battles.

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The better you perform an exercise, the more damage you inflict, and there's even an elemental system of sorts, where different enemies are weak against certain exercises.

Players walk, jog, run and jump through the game's exceedingly colourful landscapes, where everything can be interacted with. Ring Fit Adventure tracks your daily workout routines and turns some of the more popular exercises into mini-games. Perhaps not exactly how you planned to make people smile, but you did it.

"It's in Nintendo's DNA to keep thinking of new ways to entertain players and put smiles on their faces, and Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch is a new kind of game where fitness meets adventure", said Nintendo's European president, Stephan Bole. It looks like a lot more fun than your standard exercise game.