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Trudeau calls federal election

Trudeau calls federal election

"I believe we can do better", Singh said.

Andrew Scheer was elected leader of the country's other main political party, the center-right Conservative Party.

On Tuesday, the NDP promised a tax on the super-rich to fund expanded public health coverage.

"Canadians get to vote once again for the country they want to live in", he told reporters outside her official residence, the BBC reported.

While Wednesday will officially begin the campaign process, the leading and opposition parties have already been on the offensive with the Conservatives highlighting Trudeau's privileged past, and the Liberals mocking the Conservative's attempts to paint Leader Andrew Scheer's upbringing as modestly middle-class.

Johnston says voters will see party leaders frequently in the the Lower Mainland over the next 40 days.

Trudeau began his first remarks of the campaign by recalling the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

The worst hit to Trudeau's progressive image came with the SNC-Lavalin inquiry, a corruption scandal in which Trudeau was accused of interfering in the criminal prosecution of a Quebec-based engineering firm.

Trudeau's government also spearheaded the largest military procurement in Canadian history to replace aging military equipment.

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Trudeau announced Canada's federal election today where he will be seeking to win a second term.

In a statement, May says the campaign comes at a "pivotal point in history", adding that climate change is on the minds of many voters.

Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau holds a news conference after asking the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call an election in Ottawa.

"Over the next five weeks I will be explaining the reasons why Justin Trudeau has lost that authority and our alternative plan", he said in French.

Haunting Trudeau on the trail will be the SNC-Lavalin scandal, given fresh life this morning after the Globe and Mail reported the RCMP's investigation into potential obstruction of justice in the matter has been stymied by the shroud of cabinet confidence.

Some critics, including Green Party leader Elizabeth May, said it was inappropriate for the government to launch the election campaign on Wednesday as it marked 18 years since 9/11, when terrorists flew two airplanes into the World Trade Center in NY, murdering almost 3,000 people.

Scheer is now off to Trois-Rivieres, Que., for his first campaign event.

The charismatic Liberal prime minister who won a surprise landslide in 2015 on the promise of "sunny ways" for all Canadians will be battling to hold on to his parliamentary majority against untested adversaries across the political spectrum.