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Advance polling for election gets underway today

Advance polling for election gets underway today

Operating from 9 9 p.m. from Friday, Oct. 11 to Monday, Oct. 14.

Zain Ahmad, a first-time federal voter and University of Toronto student, said that the voting process was "really easy and straightforward".

To find your advance polling station, check your voter information card or use the Voter Information Service.

Rejean Grenier, regional media adviser for Elections Canada, said more than 20 per cent of the total voters in the last election in this riding cast their ballots in advance polls.

In Guelph the Elections Canada office is located at 292 Speedvale Ave.

The Commission says it's also the deadline to notify the Board of Election Commissioners of any change in voter name or address. No word yet about their popularity, but they're created to make voting "easier and more accessible" for students, university employees and the general population, according to Elections Canada spokesperson Pierre Pilon.

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Would making election day a holiday encourage you to get out and vote or would you just stay home in your pyjamas?

On the final day of the program almost as many people voted as did in the entirety of the initiative in 2015.

You can show two pieces of I.D., but both must have your name and at least one must have your current address. There are also dozens of other valid IDs like your healthcare card, Canadian forces card, social insurance number, and even library card. You must prove your identity and address to register. You don't vote for the PM directly, unless they're in your riding.

You then fold your ballot and give it back to the voting officer who will put your ballot in the box.

Remember that no one has the right to see your vote or ask whom you're voting for. You can look up your local election day polling station by entering your postal code here.