And Apple Music Bundle

And Apple Music Bundle

Though Apple will continue to license music rights from record labels, it owns all content on Apple TV+ and won't have to split its revenue and music labels are apprehensive because if the tech giant offers Apple Music at a lower price, their bottom line will suffer, FT reports. The bundle would combine Apple Music and Apple TV+. Even better, new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch, and Mac buyers (starting September 10) are eligible for a free extended 1-year trial, which underscores how badly Apple wants this service to take off.

According to the report, the United States recording industry now gets 80% of revenue from paid subscriptions and other streaming sites.

The Apple TV+ video streaming service will launch on 1 November, costing $4.99 in the USA and £4.99 in the United Kingdom, undercutting the price of both Netflix and Amazon - though Amazon's Prime offering already bundles together its video service, music service, and its express delivery, alongside a few other features.

Unfortunately, this very intriguing plan is not fleshed out yet, mainly because at least one big music label is reportedly "wary" of the idea, fearing its revenues would decline as a direct outcome of the rumored Apple Music/Apple TV+ combo. Earlier this year, Apple launched Apple News Plus for $10 per month, and the $5 per month Apple Arcade, a subscription video game service.

The FT has also suggested that Apple and the music executives have still yet to decide a pricing formula, with Apple not yet set on an appropriate amount for its all-in-one bundle. Video available to buy or rent will be mixed in with other movies and shows - including exclusive offerings through Apple TV Plus.

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The company could also offer several tiers of such a super-bundle, with higher tiers offering access to Apple Arcade and Apple News.

The music industry has benefitted from the advent of streaming music service, but licensing negotiations remain a point of tension between streaming platforms and record labels. If all of these were offered for a lower monthly fee then this could help Apple get more subscribers.

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