Apple’s AR Headset to Launch in the Second Half of 2020

Apple’s AR Headset to Launch in the Second Half of 2020

Apple's AR headset is going to be marketed as something that works as an iPhone accessory, instead of a full-fledged AR headset.

Apple has been expected for some time to release the iPhone SE 2 and the new iPad Pro. The 12in MacBook was discontinued by Apple earlier this year - perhaps the fact Kuo has not specified MacBook Pro means the plain old MacBook line will return with a vengeance?

According to Kuo, the device will be driven by the "CPU, GPU and network connectivity of a wirelessly connected iPhone".

However, more recent news from Bloomberg said that the iPad Pro devices would be launched later this year, but it did not include the 3D sensor feature. While we've seen images of the new triple camera iPad Pro before, this is the first time the analyst has specifically mentioned the refreshed model will feature a 3D sensor. The bezel at the top appears to be the same size as the bottom bezel and it plays home to a 16MP selfie-camera, TrueDepth 3D sensor for Face ID and small microphones.

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According to Kuo, Apple is forming partnerships with third-party brands to create the its own AR glasses, the Apple Glass. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed the launch timeline for both the Apple products in his latest investor note.

In addition to these reports, Mr. Kuo has also talked about the release of a new iPhone SE 2 that is to be launched in 2020 with Apple's A13 Bionic chip and a simplified design. Apple had been awarded an AR headset patent back in February 2015, and it acquired German AR company Metaio in May that year, which is when the rumors really started rolling.

It's also worth noting that Apple may even debut the AR glasses (or at least tease them) as early as this year - and possibly this month. We are yet to get a true consumer-focused AR headset that appeals to the masses, and Apple will definitely go for something that appeals to the wide range of iPhone customers.