Netflix Says No to macOS Catalina, Won't Port its App Over

Netflix Says No to macOS Catalina, Won't Port its App Over

To put the release, in a nutshell, the macOS Catalina update further pushes Apple's lot of subscription services and enables the ability to use your iPad as an extended display/accessory with your Mac. The new update has brought in a ton of features that are helpful for all Apple device users.

Apple Arcade - already on your updated iPhone and iPad - is not on the Mac.

Sidecar is a new application that has been created to use an iPad as a secondary display with your Mac.

Apple advice DJs that, if you rely on a software that needs this XML file to function, then do not update to Catalina until individual developers have issued compatibility updates for the new operating system. You get support for both wired and wireless connections, where the former lets you charge the iPad while connected, and the latter simply helps you stay mobile. But it says that more iPad apps are coming to Mac in the near future. Twitter, American Airlines, TripIt, Crew, and Morpholio amongst others are some of the earliest applications to be made available on Macs. Screen Time tells you how much time you're spending with apps and websites on your Mac.

Fortunately, Microsoft Windows users with the iTunes application will not be affected by this update. A short list of games are receiving 64-bit updates, while many more are being left behind.

Apple's gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, is now also making it to Macs. Apple Arcade is also bringing the Dark Souls-like Bleak Sword, the genre-bending card-game/rogue-like Card of Darkness (from Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time and mobile games genius Zach Gage). Downtime lets you schedule time away from your Mac, and App Limits lets you set limits on time spent with apps.

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macOS 10.15 also offers some souped-up security features; Gatekeeper now checks all apps for security issues, all apps are required to get permission before accessing user documents, and the side button on the Apple Watch can now be used to approve security prompts.

The iPad also can be used for tablet input for any Mac app that supports drawing, sketching or writing with a stylus.

With iTunes being officially discontinued, Apple is transitioning its services to existing dedicated platforms.

If you own any of the Mac computers mentioned above, you can install macOS Catalina 10.15 right now by opening the App Store app and then searching for macOS Catalina. Users' personal libraries will be automatically sorted into the new applications.

Beyond that, iTunes is finally dead.