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Province invests almost $40M in student mental health

Province invests almost $40M in student mental health

Safe In Our World launches today in support of World Mental Health Day and you can visit their site for more information right here.

Mental health is also an even bigger concern for specific sections of society: women are twice as likely to be prone to anxiety or depression, with little support provided particularly in situations - such as immediately after child birth - when the risk is the greatest.

The minister maintained that trend of suicide was highly deplorable in the world especially in Pakistan. "There's so much we can learn within certain scenes of these selected shows and we hope the commentaries give viewers a new perspective on mental health".

Six in 10 (62%) hospitality professionals are too afraid to tell their employer that they're suffering with poor mental health, while two thirds said their performance is being affected by their own personal struggles.

Last year, drinks trade charity The Benevolent carried out a similar survey, and found that almost half (48%) of industry workers thought discussing their mental health problems would damage their careers.

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Called "bumpers", the onscreen slides are to be introduced before episodes of TV shows such as The Sopranos, Girls, Barry, and Euphoria, as part of an internal initiative to break down stigma around mental health - presumably both for live broadcasts on HBO's TV channel and its HBO Now online platform (via Variety). Here are just some of the reasons why your mental health should be of the utmost importance.

Mental health conditions appear commonest among younger workers - with more than a third (36 per cent) of those aged between 16 and 24 saying they now have one, well above the 27 per cent of the age group with the next highest incidence, workers aged 25-34. "It's easy to overlook symptoms of mental illness and examples of mental health when we're watching a show", explains Dr. Ali Mattu. This can create a vicious circle where staff start to underperform, which only compounds their private struggles with mental health.

Policymakers have spoken of "parity of esteem" between mental and physical health and the research suggests employers are alert to the growing focus on wellbeing.

Nevertheless, the survey found that despite the perceived taboo, support is available in many companies.